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martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Choose Life - Be a blessing!!

Hello everyone!!!

I know you have been missing new sets and soon we will share more new products. Life happens and sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything!! but I want to share a set that I created last year and that hasn't introduce yet. It's a 6 x 8 set that's really dear and close to my heart. It has 11 sentiments that will inspire you to create and will inspire others to Believe in Him!! 

He creates us and He loves us, that's a message that we need to remember every day, sometimes it is easy to remember it and believe it, others are not that easy. But we are worthy because He creates us, He loves us and He died for us!! 

He can create Beauty from our ashes...

This set was created in my mind while listen to Christian music on the radio and when I got home I just seat and the set was done in less than an hour, crazy because I have A LOT of sets that just need "a little something" but this one, was perfect quickly!! 

I create it specially to inspire those thinking about abortion to Choose Life, no matter the circumstances, we need to encourage them to Choose Life, to let them know that Life is beautiful and they will no regret it. He is in control and we need to surrender everything to him. We are a community of love and compassion and even when they feel alone, they are not, He has them in their hands, we need to love more and be on the look out for opportunities to serve others!!

Even when that was the reason I created it and was inspired by, there are other occasions that we can use this set as well... hope you find it as inspiring as I did!!

Here a project that YOLIE created a while ago!! Stunning, right?

We hope you like this set, was made with love to inspire others.
Have a fantastic day!!

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