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miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

Be a Blessing 2nd Release!!

Today I want to introduce our new BE A BLESSING sets!! 

This time we have 5 - 4 x 6 sets, 4 - 3 x 4 sets & 2 - 2 x 3 sets!!

PLUS a very special FREE set with your purchase of $60+ 
while supplies last!! My Birthday gift to YOU!!!

I love this Bible verses and I love to remind myself that HE is my anchor and with Him everything is possible, so I thought it will be a good reminder to share with others!!

HE is the author of life, hope and salvation. HE loves us so much... and we should let Him write His story on our heart and share what He has done for us with others!!

I love, love so much this set!! There are times that we feel overwhelmed but forget to put our trust in HIM, to come to HIM in prayer, HE will do what need to be done, if we have FAITH!! 

I want to do some ABC so you can write your own phrases and here I came with not one, but two, hope you like them!!

Just a reminder of what YOU are!!! don't forget that HE loves you so very much!! and for HIM you are a diamond, someone worth to die for!

Sometimes I am waiting for my girls and in the car at those quite moments I get to doodle and think about ways to share my love for HIM! and this set came one of those days... HE loves you & me!

I know that sometimes we just want to give up, but if you want to surrender, surrender at HIS feet, at the cross, it's not over, HE has a special plan for you, keep fighting!!

This set is a reminder of the Fruit of the Spirit, we should always remember them and live according to them, a good way to share them with others as well.

A companion to the Cute ABC,  a mini cute ABC!!

Remember the I AM set? (from the first release) here a companion to it, YOU ARE!!

FREE WITH PURCHASE OF $60+ while supplies last!!!

BE A BLESSING, 2 x 3 set
(not available for purchase at this moment)

If you want the complete collection 

2 comentarios:

  1. Fantástica es poco...esta segunda parte de la colección "Be a Blessing", guarda frases de reflexión que sin duda nos ayudarán a tener presente aún más, cuanto amor siente Dios por nosotros, manifestado a través de las continúas bendiciones en nuestras vidas. Gracias Diana por estos lindos Sets y por la promo del paquete completo!!!