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martes, 13 de octubre de 2015

Be a blessing Collection!!

WOW, I can't believe I'm sharing this today here. It has been a long way for me with this new collection. You know that I started my journey as a stamper with The Angel Company (TAC, a direct sell company like Stampin Up, CTMH, etc). Since I'm from Puerto Rico and my first language is Spanish I started asking for stamps in Spanish and when TAC closed I ventured myself to this wonderful industry with my own Spanish Line in June 2011!! Back in January 2014 I started in a Bible Group at my church and one night while we were sharing our prayer requests I shared an issue that I was having and we were talking about it, I shared about my business and while talking I shared that I've been thinking about inspirational/Christian stamps in English (now that I live in Texas I need less Spanish sets, LOL) and I prayed about it and prayed about it, and I know the Lord was directing me towards that but I wasn't sure, I was holding on to my fears I'm not sure if I can do it, I have no friends or customers here, there is more people that can do that, I feel quiet comfortable doing the Spanish stamps and everything is going great. But time passed and I keep listening to the same, you need to do it, you care about others and you know that there is a need for encouraging stamps, we as Christian can share His message through art and be a blessing to others. Then I found out about Bible Journaling and oh wow, I was like, yes, you need to do it, see, there is people out there ready to share His message through art and that's how Be a blessing started... 

It's a new collection of FOUR sets that were created to share the good news, to share my passion for the Lord. I've struggle to find a way to share my faith with others and I think that I found it. I pray that God uses me with this new adventure and helps me to be brave and bold for Him. That's my prayer for you too. 

This sets will be available for shipping on Friday, October 16. 
But you can pre-order NOW!!

I designed this set as a reminder of what I am in Christ. As a sinner everyday I have to remind myself of what He has done for me. Sometimes I'm very hard with myself and forget that I am here because of His love, His mercy, His grace. I need to have this words to help me going since I've been praying to be bolder and stronger and share His mercy and love for me I wanted to start with one set that we can use to remind ourselves that we are what we are because of what He has done for us.

I love Matthew 5:16: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

In light of that passage I designed this set. Hope you like it as much as I do. This set can be use for Bible Jouranling and also for inspirational cards for your friends and family, to encourage others to be the light and inspire them to let their light shine.

BTW I just want to share this stencil set that goes perfect wit this stamp!!

And here a card my daughter made for a friend that was leaving for college!! He will shine!!

She used the stamp and the stencils, the lightbulp is from another set in Spanish Deja brillar tu luz

I love singing in the card with my daughters and talking to them about Jesus and what He has done in my life. Sometimes life gets hard, but at those moments is when we need to Trust Him, it's not going to be our way, it's going to be His way and we need to Trust in Him and lay everything on Him, keep dancing and know that there are going to be brighter days for those that love Him with all their heart. This sets came from that inspiration, those days that we need to shake it off and let Him lead the way.

I designed this set inspired in John 14:6. While listening to Brandon Heath's new album I have been thinking on how wonderful is He, and that only He is the way. Here a bit of the song "One Way To Heaven":

Ain’t no doorway
Or a stairway
Ain’t no your way
Ain’t no my way
Ain’t no shortcut
Or a highway to Heaven ...

Thanks for reading me!


13 comentarios:

  1. Diana!!! hola!!! Es una colección vigorosa, armoniosa... sensitiva y que simplemente me ha fascinado!!! La tarjeta de Mariana em encanta!!! Felicidades a ambas por la inspiración y creatividad demostradas una vez más en este post, que lleva un gran mensaje consigo. Gracias por compartirlo!!!

  2. I love them all!!! Beautiful Bible Journaling stamps!!

  3. Una linda colección me encanto la del farol y la tarjeta quedo preciosa!!!

  4. Wow Diana, están hermosos. Se me ocurren mil cosas que se pueden hacer con ellos. Mucho éxito.

  5. Wow Diana, están hermosos. Se me ocurren mil cosas que se pueden hacer con ellos. Mucho éxito.

  6. I love all of them!!!! Congratulations Diana!!! These stamps are essential in my craft table!!!!

  7. I am so glad I stopped to visit your Blog. I am a new Facebook Follower and now Blog Follower. I saw Yolie show some of your stamps on FB for a second time and said to myself I need to go visit and find out what these are all about. I love the Lord and I love your testimony and faith. I look forward following you and trying some of your stamps. Big Texas Hugs, Antoinette

    1. Hello Antoinette!! Thank you so much for your words and for your visit! Big TX hug back at you!! I'm in North Texas!